Replacing Firefox with Google Chrome

Marko Oreskovic markoresko at
Wed Jan 27 11:31:56 UTC 2010

Vincent wrote:

> Also, Chrome extensions aren't yet as powerful, as the Adblock
> lookalikes for Chrome can't actually block ads from being loaded, just
> prevent them from being displayed. This exposes you to a lot more
> scrutiny from advertising companies.

Also +1 against Chrome as default anywhere.

I use Noscript extension for Firefox and Seamonkey and I mostly could
not survive without them with the degree of use I have. (Javascript and
flash abuse all over internet is very extensive)
Also there is Chromium instead of that Chrome that is Google-controlled.

I do not trust Chrome at all.
There are many things that Chrome is doing that ordinary browser should
not do, regarding user privacy, and is used and could be used to track
user on internet:

So there is a project that use chromium project and eliminates privacy
issues that chrome has. It called Iron.

Also binary license of Google Chrome under which it is licensed, put
user in direct conditioning to Google company etc..

Firefox is like a standard free browser for many years now.
If someone wants to use Google-licensed Chrome binary he can always add
it to he`s system the same way he can add Opera or Seamonkey.

Lets not get Ubuntu derivates be turned into Google OS.
There is a Google OS if someone loves Google so much
and does not value its privacy.

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