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Cody A.W. Somerville wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry for taking so long to reply. I've been thinking quite a bit
> about this and have been waiting for the appropriate time to jump in.
> *General gist*: I think a council *could* be good for Xubuntu.
> However, its membership should be limited to 3 people due to the small
> size of our community (if we can't find consensus now, putting us all
> on a council isn't going to give us consensus either); it can grow
> later as necessary. Ultimately, this change should be mostly a
> transparent one and not a harbinger of great change or divergence from
> the Ubuntu community and processes. In fact, I feel this change should
> instead aim to bring greater consistency, stability, and most
> importantly longevity to our project.
> On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 10:12 PM, Pasi Lallinaho <open at knome.fi
> <mailto:open at knome.fi>> wrote:
>     Jim Campbell wrote:
>>     On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 2:46 AM, Pasi Lallinaho <open at knome.fi
>>     <mailto:open at knome.fi>> wrote:
>>         Now, where did this discussion go?
>>     It appears as though it went on vacation.  It has to come back to
>>     work eventually, though!
>>         People seemed to like the council-type approach; what's next? 
>>     I think it would be a good idea to revisit the document that Cody
>>     put together and see how it would need to be modified to suit a
>>     council-type approach.  I can give this a try.  I'll let the
>>     group know if I have questions as I put things together.
>     Yeah, this sounds good. Maybe we should also briefly revise the
>     general direction stuff and make any modifications to those as
>     well if we feel they need to be changed.
> Agreed. The document is indeed in need of an update.
>>         Anybody
>>         has obejctions? Should we first propose this to the Community
>>         Council
>>         (or some place else) or just take the new governance into use? 
>>     Once that is done, I think we should have a meeting to approve
>>     it.  We could at least have that as an agenda item for our
>>     meeting (which we need to have anyway).  I think that there is a
>>     general consensus around this for now, but we should formalize it.
> I share this feeling of consensus. Whats left to do is to determine if
> we're truly ready for this step and to what degree.
> Once we formalize our intent as a community to move in this direction,
> we will need to go before the community council to have our updated
> strategy document ratified. 
>>         Cody, can
>>         you be our link to the other councils or whatever, as you
>>         seem to know
>>         them best?
>>     If we all approve of the change as a group, I think we could
>>     forward it on to the council so that they know what we're doing,
>>     but I am not so sure it would require their seal of approval.  As
>>     long as we are comfortable with what we're doing, I think the
>>     community council would be ok with it.  Ultimately, I don't think
>>     it will make a huge difference in how we operate as long as
>>     things get done.
>     I could think so as well, but you never know... :)
> We are a Ubuntu project and to be fully recognized as a council with
> delegated authority from the community council we will require the
> community council's approval. However, thats the easy part. Coming up
> with a structure that will ultimately provide healthy leadership and
> have any sort of longevity will require careful planning and
> discussion between key stakeholders first.
>>         What's the situation with the technical team leadership?
>>         Cody, Lionel?
>>     I think we still need to address this.
>     Definitely!
> The intention of the community leadership page was to give
> recognizability to the individuals who have organically grown into
> different leadership roles within the Xubuntu community. Its the
> person and not the title that permits these individuals to influence
> the project in the ways that they do. If anything, Lionel has only
> been increasingly more and more involved with the technical direction
> and operations of Xubuntu and so IMHO is the tech lead for Xubuntu
> regardless if we says so or not :-).
> If Lionel wishes to continue in this capacity, he is more than welcome
> to recognized as such IMHO.
>>         What's the situation with Michael? Can we remove Joszef's
>>         name from the
>>         leaders list - he's still not appeared from the mist.
>>     I don't know what the situation is with Michael.  As for Joszef,
>>     I am of the opinion that we could remove his name from the
>>     leaders list.  If he wanted to come back and contribute more, he
>>     would be welcome to do so.
>     Okay. Let's do this parallel to the next meeting. Maybe we should
>     also remove Michael from the leaders list or at least put his name
>     on parenthesis if he doesn't show up in the meeting or before it?
> Joszef has made his intentions clear that he has left Xubuntu for
> other endeavors.
> Michael should be contacted to gauge his interest.
Michael confirmed in IRC that he should be marked inactive - "ENOTIME".
>>         To make Lucid be as good and stable as possible, I think we
>>         also should
>>         have a developer meeting soonish. If we can get the
>>         governance things
>>         sorted before or while the meeting, GREAT!
>>     I agree!  I've put together a doodle poll to check everyone's
>>     availability for a team meeting.  Please record what times will
>>     work for you using the link below.  Hopefully the times will work
>>     for people, but I can set up new times if I've picked times that
>>     don't work for your corner of the world.  Keep in mind that this
>>     will be the best Xubuntu team meeting ever.
>>     http://www.doodle.com/6stt9n2q7t9467q5
>>     Jim
> Voted. :)
>     What I gathered from this mail we need to cover at least the
>     following topics (read: AGENDA):
>     1) Review the Xubuntu strategy document
>     - Modify to suit the council-type approach (Jim will look into
>     this before the meeting)
>     - Briefly revise the overall strategy and modify if needed
>     2) Approve (and forward) the new Xubuntu governancy
>     - See 1), will need to have the final form ready in the document
>     so we can approve it!
> I don't think we'll be able to come to a final draft ready to begin
> the ratification process after just one meeting. However, I'm sure
> we'll be able to make good progress.
> Its important that whatever we come up with conforms to
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncil/Delegation or a really good
> reason why it shouldn't.
>     3) Review the leaders list
>     4) Other topics
>     - Artwork for Lucid (Shimmer/polish Albatross)?
>     - Default applications for Lucid?
>     - [Insert your "other topic" here]
> Happy New Years!
> Cheers,
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