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The regular Xubuntu Community Meeting was held on 2010-12-09. These are
the minutes of that meeting.

== Old Business ==

 * I did email the developer of LightDM, he believes it should be ready
   in time for Natty release, but we have no dates yet on when we can
   actually try it

== Team updates ==

=== Packaging & Development ===

 * legacy: Uploaded thunar-vfs 1.1.1
 * core: Uploaded remaining packages from 4.8~pre1, and all packages
   from 4.8~pre2
 * panel-plugins: ~25 rebuilt, ~17 to go
 * dailies are still broken because all panel plugins are not rebuilt

=== Bug Triage & Testing ===

 * existing bugs need to be reviewed with the change to Xfce4.8. Many
   will no longer be valid
 * bugs that remain valid may need a new backtrace
 * apport at this time does not work for Natty Xubuntu bugs

=== Website & Marketing ===

 * is still using our old logo and everything

=== Artwork ===

 * ochosi has done a lot of work on greybird and faenza-xfce icons
    * please take a look at them if you have time, and give some
 * for those wanting to find the Xubuntu logo and icons, they are now on
 * I will notify the artwork group that we need to set the date March
   14 to close submissions 
=== Documentation ===

 * introduced Book_em_Dano, who is updating Xubuntu documentation
 * working on updates to the Natty branch and most of those changes can
   be applied to maverick
    * as many people as possible need to review the latest docs in bzr
   gives directions
    * lp:xubuntu-docs is the lastest branch of the documentation
 * also reviewing the docs for lucid so that updated docs are available
   for updates

== PowerPC and PS3 ports for Natty ==

 * Xubuntu will discontinue the PS3 port completely, since the
   manufacturer doesn't want the os changed anymore
 * Xubuntu will continue with the PowerPC port, but until we get
   testers for it, we will not be producing the release milestones,
   thus it will not release as 11.04

== Updates for Xubuntu 10.04.2 ==

 * Since we have many updates to 10.04 when it is installed,
   charlie-tca wants to publish the 10.04.2 image.
    * This will allow us to get the changes in and save those installing
   it some bandwidth. We know not all places have the fastest thing
   going, and unlimited downloads available.
 * Major Mozilla updates are Firefox 3.6 has Out of process plugins for
   flash now and Thunderbird will be 3.1.x.

== Announcements ==

 * Xubuntu does not have any daily iso right now, but the alpha1 image
   is good, 

== Governance Discussion ==

 * nominations for Xubuntu Project Lead are due to the Community
   Council by December 15

== Any Other Business ==

 * Thunderbird will be moving to 3.1.7 very soon. If anyone wants to
   test it on lucid, it's staged in the ubuntu-mozilla-security PPA.

 * Next meeting is in one week, December 16, here, at 19:00 UTC.

 * contains the 
   Meeting log

== Action items for the next meeting ==

 * notify community artwork that wallpaper will close on 2010-03-14
 * pleia2 to check on converting website to new logo and icons

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