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> On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 8:15 PM, Charlie Kravetz
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> > Comments? Anybody have a better idea? Let's make Lucid the best release
> > we can!
> User may install additional applications, such as arandr, that put
> items in the Settings menu, so removing the Settings menu is not an
> option. arandr would be nice as a default application, btw. Most
> settings can be accessed more quickly in Settings menu, but it would
> be easier to find the additional setting dialogs, if the usual Xfce
> setting dialogs were not in the same menu.

Yes, other applications may add to the Applications -> Settings menu,
but if we started with a much smaller menu, it would sure look nicer! I
don't want the menu to go away. I just want to have the settings in one
place, instead of two places that do the same thing.

Applications -> Settings
Applications -> Settings -> Xfce 4 Settings Manager

duplicate each other.

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