Updates for Lucid Lynx

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 I want to develop something!




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    Kristian Rink wrote:
Am 07.04.2010 09:59, schrieb Kaspar Kööp:
this is why it is important to divide some of the tasks for development
iteration... that means - person X is responsible for updating the web
page during MM development etc.

i know we all want open discussion and democracy, but then no-one will
feel the responsibility to do anything

As of this mail, anybody is free to step up and write the releasenotes. I think it would make sense if Charlie and/or Lionel proofreadand approved the text before it is published. Only people withcredentials to the site can update it, so that's not a task forvolunteers stepping up for some time only.

If you want to offer more of your time, join us at #xubuntu-devel, getyourself known and eventually, you can be given rights to update theXubuntu website, though traditionally everything has gone through/beenapproved by the community before publishing even if you had the fullrights to update.

Everybody is free to do promotion of Xubuntu in their own websites,blogs and whatever by shouting the new Xubuntu release is coming. Andpossibly that you love it.

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