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I am still running 9.04 and don't want to change until you all have it together.
9.04 was fantastic....9.10 was just weird and really really squirrly.
I think I'll wait until you all get it together.

Fabrizio Balsaq  




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> re release notes: Is there some list of features / applications added as 
> of 10.04 that should especially be emphasized? I'll have a look and 
> shall see how far I get writing a few lines on that...
> K.

OnBoard has been added to Accessories to assist those who need on
on-screen keyboard.

Ubuntu Software Center replaced "Add/Remove ..."

Games have been very streamlined. We now offer the following by default:
    Aisleriot Solitaire
    Quadrapassel (a tetris-type game)

While Ubuntu has replaced Gimp, Xubuntu still offers it by default.

We have replaced Xsane Image Scanner with SimpleScan, a much easier
application to setup and use.

Really big: pulse audio no longer mutes the sound on startup!

Gnumeric has been upgraded to version 1.10.1, which resolves most of
the issues seen in Xubuntu 9.10 and earlier.

Remote filesystems has been renamed to Gigolo, which is much more
direct when trying to determine the application used.


There is a critical bug in Abiword that causes a freeze for most
users when anything under the Help menu is selected. This does cause
you to lose the document you are working on.

There are still issues being worked concerning Plymouth and Nvidia
video. Due to these issues, the splash screens on boot look less good
than desired.

Write it up, let us know hear. We need a release notes for later today
or tomorrow. Thanks for helping.

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