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On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 11:17 PM, Pasi Lallinaho <open at knome.fi> wrote:

> Here is the current state of the artwork cycle for Karmic. There hasn't
> been that much discussion, so I would be really glad if you could give
> your opinions on things.

First off, I'm glad we're finally getting the ball on the go for artwork but
lets try to start earlier in the cycle for karmic+1 so that we'll have more
time to actually have time to possibly implement larger artwork projects.

> 1. Wallpaper / gdm theme
> There is a draft version of the wallpaper/gdm theme on emonk.fi [1]. As
> on the Jaunty cycle, I think we'll just use a modified gdm theme as the
> background. Maybe lighter colors for the tree for wallpaper mode? This
> wallpaper works for both wides and normal monitors. Cody suggested it's
> a bit too blocky for his taste, but what others of you think? Personally
> I think it's a good depart from the earlier style [2], but it could
> maybe be a bit lighter. (As I look it now, it needs some more texture at
> least.) Opinions please.

I believe I said it was too "blotchy", not "blocky. Depending on how you
look at it, it looks like someone spilled something on it (ie. water

 2. Icon theme
> We are currently using Gnome Brave [3]. Steve suggests that the new
> community-based theme Humanity [4] would be worth using. I agree, but we
> should test run it [5].

I'm very happy with the current Icon theme (gnome-brave) as well.

Humanity also looks nice but I'll refrain further comments until I see a
re-coloured version that I can test.

Ultimately, besides having to look good please ensure that the icon theme we
select is "complete" enough to actually use.

3. GTK+ theme
> We want to refresh our GTK+ theme. Steve suggests that we use something
> Alvaro [6] -based, and personally I'm totally fine with that. Overall it
> looks quite good and with some tweaks to the menubar and colors, I think
> we're fine. Opinions?

I also well love MurrinaXubuntu. I've been using it for quite some time and
only rarely run into issues that I'm sure we could fix. I'd be happy to see
MurrinaXubuntu become the default for karmic.

I'll take some screenshots and upload them to the wiki.

4. xfwm theme
> I propose we still keep with the Xfce default. I like it, a lot.


> 5. U/Xsplash / Live CD boot menu
> Do we want a basic logo only? Do the technical reasons keep us from
> doing anything else? Can we still change the U/Xsplash at this time? Is
> the image the only thing we want to change or are we going to do
> something with the throbber et cetera? Or will we just use the Ubuntu
> theme [7], change the colors and the logo? Will Michael be able to help
> with Usplash, if we need help? Cody, I need especially your input on
> this one.

I imagine we'll stay with usplash since xsplash sucks if you don't have
support for KMS. Lionel has already updated the code as he mentioned and I'm
fine with the current theme but you're welcome to update it if you want. I'm
sure we can assist you with it if you do the art.

> 6. Documentation theming
> We will try to theme the documentation with Jim. I am waiting details on
> this.

Great. This is in much need of a refresh. The artwork is still using the old
colour palette.

> 7. New website look
> As we are switching from Drupal to WordPress [8], we need to create a
> new look for the website [9]. It is still unsure if any of this will
> happen before Karmic release, but it's definitely coming and I'm hoping
> we can create something that lasts for a bit longer than the current,
> big and clumsy design. It might have looked great then, but it's really
> starting to wear out. If you have any ideas, come on and let the rest of
> us know them.

Still looks better than what we had before. :)


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