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For those not subscribed to xubuntu-users.

Xubuntu 9.10 is getting a lot of good reviews. Good work everyone!

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I have started a new site for Ubuntu (all flavors) for beginners.  Just
wanted to let you know I posted a postive review of Xubuntu yesterday
(http://1800ubuntu.com/ubuntu-flavors/24-xubuntu-910-review.html), and
thank the any of the developers on this list for an excellent distro of
Linux.  I've been an Ubuntu user for quite some time, and as a result of
the review experience I plan to switch to Xubuntu full-time on my main
machine as soon as I can get some hardware to keep a copy of Ubuntu
running for article reference.  Anyway, thanks again, and if any of you
guys get a chance to read the review, I'd appreciate your letting me
know if it contains any inacuracies.

Best regards,

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