Xubuntu Project Lead: Call for Nominations

Cody A.W. Somerville cody-somerville at ubuntu.com
Sun Nov 8 02:07:58 UTC 2009


 In the winter of 2008 I was nominated for and accepted the role and
responsibility of the Xubuntu Project Lead. Later that year, I wrote the
Xubuntu Strategy Document which describes the long term strategy, vision,
and direction of the Xubuntu project. In that document, I imposed a maximum
term of three releases before the individual in the role which I currently
occupy would require reconfirmation from the community to continue serving.
Having served over three and a half releases now, it is time that we move
forward with this process. However, instead of asking for reconfirmation to
serve over another three releases, I'd instead like to call for nominations
for a new project leader. Unfortunately the strategy document does not
outline the process in which this is to occur. So if no one objects to the
following, I'd like to propose that folks send their nominations to the
community council whom I feel can in consultation with the community find
the contributor best suited to become the next Xubuntu project leader.


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