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Steve Dodier sidnioulz at
Sun May 31 14:47:38 UTC 2009


I took upon myself to rewrite and add some wiki pages in the Specifications/
part, to help contributors design specifications, and to help us track
current specifications.

I modified a little, and
created the following pages that need review :

   - is a template
   page for Jaunty/Karmic/Lobotomized, etc
a spec template for Xubuntu

I changed the "Add a spec" pages to use this template, which may need to be
improved. I'm right now going to update my own specification. Two specs need
to be updated :

admins, feel free to rename to DefaultImageViewer, and also, maybe
   sarts could add Ristretto to the comparison as he apparently develops it and
   made good progress on it, from what i saw at UDS)
? I'm really not concerned by this, I use gmail :P)

There are a few missing specs, like : Slim Xubuntu session down / Artwork
for Karmic / Documentation rewrite / Indicator applet integration (if
someone's on it, either i'll begin it as soon as my own spec is entirely

Feedback welcome.

Cordially, SD.

Steve Dodier
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