UDS Karmic Goals

Cody A.W. Somerville cody-somerville at ubuntu.com
Mon May 25 10:03:02 UTC 2009

Hello Folks,

 In our first rather impromptu session, we hashed out our goals for this
week to be able to assist us in determining if we've been successful in our
endeavours at the end of the week. Please feel free to comment, make
suggestions,  etc.

   1. Develop 2-3 specifications that are concrete enough to implement
   within the next cycle.
   2. Discuss and spec out improvements to notifications.
   3. Identify and possibly fix the login delay issue.
   4. Examine memory usage of default Xubuntu desktop. Compare w/ Debian to
   see where we can reduce our footprint.
   5. Assist Xfce in developing release policy, procedures; release
   management; finer project definition; etc. Come up with draft to send to
   xfce-dev mailing list for further discussion and development.
   6. Improvements to documentation, artwork, and community.


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