Gnome-Colors Brave in 9.04

Victor perfectska04 at
Wed May 20 19:39:50 UTC 2009

Hey Daniel, I'm a bit disheartened after reading your letter about
GNOME-Colors to the Xubuntu team. I do not understand why someone whom
I've always held in very high regards would write such misleading and
unnecessary statements.

It is a known fact that when the project first started, Elementary was a
huge influence and a great example for me to follow. I've always
mentioned it, and this information has always been included in every
download. However, since then GNOME-Colors has almost completely
switched to using only GNOME (GPL) and Tango (Public Domain) sources for
all it's icons. Currently, there are over 600 unique icons available in
each size for each color set. Of all these icons, only 13 of them (And
5-10 more derived from these originals) are based on Elementary sources.
Add to that that only the scalable versions were ever "recolored", as
you mentioned earlier, from Elementary; all the small sizes were created
by me.

All that said, I completely respect your opinion. I live in a free
country, and I imagine you do as well, so I do not expect to persuade
you otherwise. However, I feel it is misleading for you to say that
GNOME-Colors is a mere imitation or rip-off, given that currently, less
than 1% of its icons are even based on Elementary.

The latest version of GNOME-Colors no longer has any licensing issues,
mostly thanks to Benjamin Drung and Andrew Starr-Bochicchio. The
download is only 22.6 MB, and that is because 5 completely different
icon sets are included; each set is 4.5 MB packed and only 16MB unpacked
(pixmaps are included instead of SVG's because pre-rendered pixmaps are
much faster, smaller, and some computer architectures do not properly
accelerate SVG rendering). Debian packages are also available, courtesy
of an official PPA, so please do not say such hurtful things about a
fellow project without having fully investigated things first.

As for the icons being used in Xubuntu, this decision rests solely on
the Xubuntu team. I am very happy that my icons are being used, but I do
not contribute to the community in hopes of fame or money (I try to
include as few details about me as possible, and the donation buttons
are very small and practically hidden), nor do I mind that others use my
work, so even if it's not used I will not mind; I only want help others
have total freedom about the color scheme of their desktops and ensure
total consistency with gnome-icon-theme. If you feel that the Elementary
icons do fit Xubuntu better, then you should definitely send a letter
highlighting all it's incredible features (Hell, I love your project,
despite this incident) instead of simply making many misleading and
uninformed statements about an unrelated project, which has completely
different goals, strengths and features than those of elementary.

Victor C.

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