Karmic Spec: Thunderbird Vs. Claws

Rick rick0009 at gmail.com
Mon May 18 18:01:41 UTC 2009

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On Thu, 14 May 2009 10:54:49 -0400
Robert Freeman-Day <presgas at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Simon,
> I will say there is key setup and management for the enigmail plugin
> (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Specifications/Karmic/ThunderbirdVsClaws#Encryption).
>  If you go to the OpenPGP menu, you should see an item called "Key
> Management" and I personally found it quite useful for dipping my toe
> into GPG.
> That being said, you have convinced me to make another go of Claws.
> Robert

I have too, am using Claws, with all the plugins... 
its DOES use less memory... however, it could use,
a update in.

1. HTML, have it built-in into the app, for sending and receiving,
in html format.

2. have the application 100% multi-threaded...(even the plugins)

3. have it take advantage of multi-cpu's 

4. have a import and export fuction, that can import from All clients, 
and export to All clients... ( or 99.9% ) of them.

5. That includes, address books.

6. have custom view, where you can add more fields to the columns to
display more info.. (if you have a larger monitor ) 24"

7. make it faster

8. build-in mail server checker... to see if you mail server is having
problems... (aka gmail) 

9. MH format is okay, mbox is good... have the ability to have more
than one type of storage format.

10. a small SQL backend database, might be a nice way to go,
kinda like dbmail, but all together in one application.

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