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Jim Campbell jwcampbell at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 27 16:26:33 UTC 2009

Hi Xubuntu team and Nathan,

Nathan Handler and I built the docs and put them into Nathan's PPA last
night, but there appears to be a minor glitch in the build process, as the
docs build without the CSS elements.  In other words, the Xubuntu logos and
coloring aren't present, and the navigation icons don't appear.  The
documentation files themselves work, though - links are intact and
functional, etc, etc.

One thing I noticed was that the doc index appears at
/usr/share/xubuntu-docs/index.html instead of
/usr/share/xubuntu-docs/about/index.html.  Granted, that is a side-effect of
the build process, and not the cause of the problems, but because this
appears to be a path issue, I thought that noting this may help point things
in the right direction.

I looked through past build and debian/rules files, but couldn't place what
was different.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Finally, I did notice three minor typos that I would like corrected before
the final build.  I can handle these tonight, or Cody could commit the
change himself before things get built.  One is that the copyright
information should list 2009 (it ends at 2008), the other is that the first
apt-url for F-Spot is mal-formed (the link works in the docs, but it does
not appear correctly in the docs - it's set up like <ulink
url="apt-url:f-spot"</ulink> instead of <ulink
="apt-url:f-spot">F-Spot</ulink>), and a third is that the word "page" is
repeated twice in a row on the index.html page.

Thanks for your help, all,


P.S. The bzr branch is located here:
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