Jaunty Artwork Update

Pasi Lallinaho open at knome.fi
Mon Mar 16 17:56:24 UTC 2009

Vincent wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 12:23 AM, Pasi Lallinaho <open at knome.fi
> <mailto:open at knome.fi>> wrote:
>     1. GDM theme
>     The GDM theme for Jaunty has been finished for now. Please test it
>     so it
>     can be included into xubuntu-artwork. Lionel, will you help me
>     with this?
>     > http://emonk.fi/open/xubuntu/9.04%20Jaunty/GDM%20theme/
>     2. Icon theme
>     We are going to use GNOME brave as the icon set. We need to
>     include this
>     (temporarily) in xubuntu-artwork. Lionel? :)
>     >
>     http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GNOME-colors?content=82562
>     3. GTK+ theme
>     It is a bit open whether we are able to ship a dark theme because the
>     tight timespan until release. MurrinaStormCloud supposedly is the
>     theme
>     we are shipping if no miracles happen.
>     A dark theme might be shipped as an update after Jaunty release.
>     4. xfwm theme
>     Default Xfce 4.6 theme is used as is.
>     5. Wallpaper
>     The wallpaper is ready to be included in xubuntu-artwork. I've
>     exported
>     normal and widescreen versions. Lionel has (been) volunteered to
>     do this.
>     > http://emonk.fi/open/xubuntu/9.04%20Jaunty/Wallpaper
>     6. Usplash
>     A new Usplash will be possibly shipped as an update after Jaunty
>     release. I'm working on that with Michael.
>     7. Documentation
>     I'm working with Jim to make the documentation look more Xubuntuish.
>     Look at the Team Report page for completed items once they appear.
>     8. Thanks!
>     You've been a great help. Keep on the good work!
>     --
>     Pasi Lallinaho
>     Xubuntu Marketing Lead
>     Web-designer, graphic artist
>     IRC: knome @ freenode
> Thanks for all your hard work :)
> I tried the GDM theme here on Intrepid but it didn't work (it just
> displayed a default theme), but that might be because it's Intrepid...
> Anyway, I had some concerns regarding shipping stuff after the
> release. Does that mean that people's themes will be changed with a
> normal system update? I can very well imagine people not appreciating
> this. Also, perhaps it would be better to ship it with Karmic anyway
> so we then have a really polished updated desktop and generate some
> buzz with that ;-)
> -- 
> Vincent
Hi Vincent,

can you install xnest and test the GDM theme by running 'gdmflexiserver
-n' and see if it gives any warnings? Ping me at IRC if you need more
help :)

Shipping after release does not necessarily mean changing defaults, and
I definitely don't want to do this. It would however bring that last
touch to our consistent artwork theme for this release, and I personally
would love to see it.

Shipping with Karmic and polished would be great, but then we would not
have that much buzz as some of the stuff is old already. I have to admit
that doing a completely new artwork cycle can be quite a big amount of
work (maybe jmak can help us with Karmic cycle, however). But my artist
inside would like to do it anyway - and I have time for that in the
summer. Maybe this conversation is good having at UDS (we can have
people in by phone, for example) or after Jaunty release anyway.

Thanks for the feedback again.

Pasi Lallinaho
Xubuntu Marketing Lead
Web-designer, graphic artist
IRC: knome @ freenode

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