Ivà iva.burgos at ubuntu.cat
Mon Jun 15 12:59:20 UTC 2009

vidd wrote:
> But there is NOT a "To unsubscribe, click HERE" link
> If we need an active mailing list maintainer, I'm sure I
> could lend a hand
> vidd


I'm a co-maintainer for the two Catalan LoCo [1][2] mailing lists. I 
could help on this too.

If we need an active list maintainer, I think that we should have a 
minimum of two of them.


[1] - http://llistes.cpl.upc.edu/pipermail/ubuntucat-info/
[2] - http://llistes.cpl.upc.edu/pipermail/ubuntucat-equip/

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