UDS Karmic Goals

Steve Dodier sidnioulz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 09:36:05 UTC 2009


Just wanted to add a word on what I've done so far

2. Discuss and spec out improvements to notifications.

I coded that little daemon for sound notifications (those that were
missing). It works, but I wanna improve it (making sure that it
resists well to errors). It is apparently running on 2.8 MB ram
(without swap - private dirty ram is 1.9 exactly) and seems to have no
memory leaks apart from init/shutdown (i spotted a few lost bits in
gstreamer's functions :/). It also needs to add a xfconf value that
should soon be handled by xfce4-mixer (Jannis if you don't have time
for it I think I can do it, just let me know ;) ).

I don't think it's acceptable to let it use so much ram for what it
does, so if Jannis is ok with this I'm gonna try to add the code to
make it listen to key events for XF86Volume up/down and XF86Muted, and
make it manage the volume changes directly. That'll avoid having
another daemon also loading gstreamer vars in ram. Then, once it is
fully coded, I think we can just put the notifications part into a
debian patch and send the rest upstream. (Note that I don't know how
to do that :p)

There is progress on some of the spotted issues about notify-osd,
especially fullscreen apps and notifications. Though, they wanna base
some of notify-osd's behaviour on the fast-user-switch gnome applet,
so I'll have to make sure it still works fine for us.

I spotted two apps so far that were sending notifications a bad way :
listen and thunar-volman. I filled a bug in both cases and proposed a
patch (crappy one i must admit) for listen. If you use notify-osd and
spot apps that send popup dialogs instead of notifications please let
me know (or directly fill a bug about these apps that put actions in
notifications without checking if the notify server allows them).

I think that's all. Mark_t finished porting the indicator-applet to
XFCE, I'm hoping to see him post on this list and let us know about
his work, but I think we should go for that applet, too.

A little word on  : 4. Examine memory usage of default Xubuntu
desktop. Compare w/ Debian..

I think we're more and more going into two contradictory directions.
On a first time, we want low memory usage such as Debian+Xfce (which
is more or less vanilla xfce), and we also want to add the
Canonical/Gnome stuff that make life easier for the users
(update-notifier, the hardware notifier, etc).

I think we should let the user chose wether (s)he wants a very light
session (nothing else than the necessary xfce stuff running by
default, all the rest unchecked in autostart, and possibly notify-osd
not started by default - it would start if an app needs it), or wether
(s)he has ram and wants all the nasty stuff such as update-notifier,
indicator-applet, etc, that make Xubuntu so much nicer.

I know the ubiquity guys are against any addition to the installer,
but I think we should do it. A way to do it would be to check for the
user's RAM and chose for him what should be activated by default and
what shouldn't, and let him override this option in the "advanced"
tab. Everything would be installed but the user would have to chose on
his own what he wants to be autostarted.

Is this feasible ?

As for : 5. Assist Xfce in developing release policy, procedures; release

I think the best way we can help them and make our relationship with
them stronger is to find them developers for the stuff they won't have
the time to code/maintain right now (esp. goodies). And I mean stuff
that'd go upstream, not xubuntu-specific stuff (such as what i'm doing
now :p). For instance, indicator-applet could become an upstream
goodie if Mark_t is willing to maintain it. If i manage to get my
volume buttons watching daemon running, it could also go upstream (if
it works decently :p). That'd help Xfce by letting their devs focus on
what they work on and helping them to release faster and with more
up-to-date stuff. This is especially true for the Xfce doc, too. I
think we should really find contributors to help them write/translate
it (*points at Slonkie, ochosi, knome, and self* : we can help
write/translate it, and it'd be awesome both for xfce and xubuntu !).

> Big thanks to everyone who participated at UDS either locally or remotely.
> I'm already running Karmic and can say that things are coming along very
> nicely. I must admit that I have a really good vibe about this release. I
> think the next several months are going to be very exciting times for the
> Xubuntu project; I hope everyone is able to get in on the fun.

Cheers ! A shame you didn't come at that ending party though :)

Steve Dodier
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