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Mon Jul 27 23:55:20 UTC 2009

Hello Xubuntu Developers & Contributors,

 After a healthy discussion today on #xubuntu-devel, I've updated the
Xubuntu karmic seeds to replace gnome-power-manager with
xfce4-power-manager. This in no way an indication that we'll be shipping
xfce4-power-manager instead of gnome-power-manager for karmic but is instead
an opportunity for us to test, provide feedback, and improve
xfce4-power-manager. However, don't let my previous sentence be an
indication that we won't either - infact, I'm personally eager to see us
work out any kinks/problems there might be with xfce4-power-manager so that
we can!

*How can you help?*

Testers: please report bugs about power management against the
xfce4-power-manager package.
Bug Triagers: please triage and forward bugs upstream as appropriate.
Developers*:* please help submit and review patches.

*Quick Links:*

 * To report a bug against xfce4-power-manager, visit
 * To view all open bugs filed against xfce4-power-manager, visit
 * To forward a bug upstream, visit


A great collection of debugging procedures can be found on the Ubuntu wiki

For bug triage and upstream forwarding procedures, see


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