Inclusion of xfce-taskmanager?

Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Mon Jan 26 19:42:48 UTC 2009

Hi All,

One of the xfce-goodies that I've found to be useful is the
xfce4-taskmanager package.  It's a simple graphical utility that allows the
user to see running processes, memory consumption, etc.  You can also kill
running processes from this utility.

Among other things, I've found this utility to be helpful when killing a
non-responsive program, as sometimes the top command doesn't always display
the name of the non-responsive application.  In those situations where I've
been using top, I've had to guess at the name of the application when using
the killall command.  Using the taskmanager utility has always allowed me to
see and take action on the non-responsive app.

If we have the room on the cd, and assuming that the application hasn't been
excluded for technical reasons (i.e. excessive memory usage / memory leaks
or known bugs), could we include this as part of the default installation
seeds?  I think it would be an easy thing to include that would provide
added benefit our users.


Also - w00t for the release of xfce-4.6-rc1.  :)
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