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Bruno Diaz b_d_r_i at
Thu Feb 26 19:00:15 UTC 2009


we are migrating to Xubuntu with the computers of our marine biology center. During the last days we have some problems regarding the Xfce4 panel, maybe is a lack of knowledge (we are new with Xubuntu) but we don't know how to resolve this bug...

The situation is that in two of our computers (with a time distance of some days) the Xfce panel has disappeared. From the Settings manager it is not possible launch the panel because the Panel button does not work!, we tried to restart the xfce4 from the terminal but reappears without some launchers and the Quit button does not work! We try to shut down the computer and only appears if we want to Exit the XFce panel. The only solutions was to create a new user with a new desktop.

We were thinking if this "problem" is due to the presence of compositor on this computers.

Many thanks for your help,   
Bruno Diaz Lopez 
Chief Researcher / Marine Zoologist 
Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI 
V.Armando Diaz Nº4 07020 Golfo Aranci (SS) Italy 
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