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Mon Feb 9 21:38:27 UTC 2009

>> What do you folks think? Crazy? Stupid? Win?
>> -Eddy

>This system is in use by Fedora [1] and has been brought up here before
>(can't find that atm) but I believe Cody then suggested this be implemented
>for Obviously, nothing much has become of that. Maybe someone
>reading this list is willing to implement this, but I'm not sure how much
>allowed on that front (Cody? :).

Well at least it wasn't a _stupid_ idea... :)

So what do you think it would take to do something like this for Xubuntu?
Is it just a matter of getting volunteers to set up and maintain it?
Can we borrow RedHat's code for this?
What would really be cool is if somebody like DistroWatch could host a
similar thing, but across more distros than just RedHat (or Xubuntu, to be

I'll keep my thinking cap on...

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