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Sun Dec 13 13:07:05 UTC 2009

J. Anthony Limon wrote:
> Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
>> I'm trying to redesign the website for Lucid also. What are we going to
>> do for the "developer blog" idea?
> The most common solution is the planet software. 
We already have Planet Ubuntu, and at least Cody thought a planet is not
exactly a good idea. What we could do is just aggregate the blog titles
(not the entries itself) into a page or something, like we did on the
Shimmer frontpage [1] – this is my self-written plugin.
> But that kind of requires each developer to have their own blog and then 
> have it feed.. I guess we could set up a shared Wordpress give each 
> developer a login and if they have a personal blog to add it via planet?
With WordPress MU, we can create multiple blogs in the same domain/WP
installation, again just like we did in the Shimmer domain; see James'
[2] and Simon's [3] blogs. These "other blogs" can appear under
subdirectories as well.

I don't think the problem is that the developers didn't have blogs –
most of us already do and setting up one doesn't take much time or money.
> That's a thinker..
> - J


Pasi Lallinaho
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