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Hi Pasi,

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 4:10 PM, Pasi Lallinaho <open at> wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I've been planning the Xubuntu Lucid marketing quite a bit and here's my
> current thoughts. The marketing would be one big entity, which would
> consist several parts:
> Real-life, touchable posters. Few designs. B&W also. Get people to print
> them and place them on the walls all over the world.

I think in most cases I would feel pretty "meh" about this idea, but I think
you'd probably come up with something that would look awesome.

Personally, I had been thinking of Xubuntu tshirts.  How come there are no
Xubuntu tshirts?  :)  Might that be more doable than posters?  I think we'd
probably be able to get more "oomph" from shirts than posters, but maybe I'm

No offense to the Ubuntu tshirt designers, but the designs haven't always
seemed particularly attractive to me.  I bet we (our artwork folks?) could
come up with a tshirt design that more people would want to wear.

> Web widgets or something like that. Something a bit more than just a
> countdown banner. We had the idea of some "special" banner frames for
> some days, maybe use that idea?

I'm not sure what this would entail.  What is a web widget?  When I think of
widgets, I think of things like gdesklets or Google gadgets.  Would these be
something like sidebar banners and buttons that people could place on their
sites to show their Xubuntu love?

> A microsite for the LTS release. Link to all the poster sources and
> widgets. Tell about new releases and the LTS concept. Add more content
> at least weekly (remember that this content can be ready before it's
> published, so we don't have to rush when we are near to the release).
> Maybe some "developer interviews"? Maybe even ask Mark to answer some
> questions? How to get the voice of users to show? Some interactive parts?

It sounds like this idea would coincide with the developer blog (at least
there is some overlap).

In terms of the voice of users, perhaps some user interviews would be good.
 One person who comes to mind is Elizabeth Krumbach.  She is a member of the
community council and a Xubuntu user.  Also, aren't there a few businesses
that run Xubuntu?  I seem to recall a group that worked with dolphins (??)
who sent a couple of emails to the xubuntu-users ML.  I think there's also a
web development company in Montana that uses Xubuntu.

I'm not quite sure I get the focus on just the LTS portion of it, but I do
like expanding things out a bit.  I think I could help with user interviews,
if people thought that was a good idea.

> 4) EVENTS?
> Some events to lift Xubuntu to even higher level. Ubuntu Developer Week?
> Ubuntu Open Week (plan beforehand)!

If either of them would be up for it, one thing that comes to mind is
perhaps having Lionel or Cody (or both of them) lead a Xubuntu development
session during developer week.  Maybe talk about the key components /
packages of Xubuntu and how our development process works.  Talk about some
of the development needs of Xubuntu and how developers can contribute.

I suggest that because it would be good to get more development
contributors, and because I don't think we've done any kind of Xubuntu
development session before.

> I'm trying to redesign the website for Lucid also. What are we going to
> do for the "developer blog" idea?

I still think the developer blog is a good idea, but have no major opinion
on how it should be configured.

As a side note, Pasi, thanks for putting up the blog note about the Alpha 1
release of Xubuntu.  And thanks to Charlie for testing!!

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