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Sat Dec 5 22:16:16 UTC 2009

Hi all,

On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 7:51 AM, Pasi Lallinaho <open at knome.fi> wrote:

> Steve Dodier wrote:
> > I agree with Pasi that Xubuntu may benefit from a multiple leaders
> > board. A single leader system too often, in my opinion, gave the
> > impression that it was Cody against the others when Cody was
> > disagreeing on something with the rest of the team, because it's hard
> > to know if its the project lead or the developer who disagrees. Having
> > a more equal system would probably help avoiding such bizarre situations.
> >
> > This being said, I'm willing to take absolutely no responsibilities of
> > any sort. :) I have enough work with my school, so all the free time I
> > put into FOSS will go to Shimmer projects (which yet match quite a few
> > projects used in Xubuntu, so I may not be competely useless :p). This
> > should not restrict me from babbling all over IRC and the mailing
> > list, though.
> As I'm the Shimmer Project leader, some of my time will go there as
> well. Again, we work on such things that help Xubuntu go forward as
> well, but somebody (Lionel :P) probably has to do more work to get the
> stuff into Xubuntu.
> >

Yeah, this is a big concern for me.  Cody has access and knowledge that few
people have.  Lionel already does a lot (a lot!) of work himself.  What can
we do to find other people who can assist in this area?

> > I'd personally love to see Cody, Pasi, Jim and Lionel (and Vincent?)
> > as that leaders council. You guys are the guys who get the work done,
> > and you all have a long experience with Xubuntu.
> Well, referring to the current leaders table [1], I'm suggesting this
> board could consists 6 people rather than the 4 (5) you suggested,
> adding Charlie to the list. I'd really love to see his experience on the
> council and even see him taking a bit bigger role and shouting out a bit
> louder :)
> What comes to Joszef, I really haven't seen him active since I joined as
> the Marketing Lead, so I really can't recommend him to join as the
> seventh member.
> >
> > I'd also like to say that new contributors or people who want to
> > contribute should not bother too much about the leadership thing.
> > Everyone is welcome in Xubuntu, and if you have feedback about what
> > you feel held or slowed you down from contributing, or about how to
> > make you feel more welcome in our little community, feel free to tell it.

I like this attitude.  :)

>  Exactly. Wherever our council meetings will happen, anybody is free to
> join and tell their opinions as well. The whole progress should be as
> transparent as possible.
> [1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Leaders
It seems like most people are open to a council-type approach in terms of
governance (if that's the right word).  It also seems like we would still
need someone who can manage the seeds alongside Lionel, and perhaps do some
development, too.  I'm not sure what all is involved in what Cody has done,
to be honest, but we will need to find a person or (perhaps more likely) a
couple people who can contribute in a technical manner similar to how has
been able to contribute. I wouldn't expect anyone to perform those kind of
duties right away, but . . .  eventually . . .  they could grow into those
kind of responsibilities.

I know what I'm proposing above isn't terribly formal, but I'm on visiting
the neighbouring city of Milwaukee this weekend, and wanted to provide some
input on this matter for now.  :)

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