Idea for Lucid (and beyond..)

J. Anthony Limon j at
Sat Dec 5 03:14:06 UTC 2009

Hi team,

I just thought I would open the door for some brainstorming in the area 
of Lucid and beyond! I have some thoughts I'd like to extend everyone's way.

1) gnome-app-install

Do we really need it? Who really uses it? How stable is it anyways?

I feel gnome-app-install does more harm than good in the XFce desktop. 
Firstly it does a poor job of representing the total software in the 
repositories. Secondly, we almost *always* send people to Synaptic or 
apt-get to install software. Thirdly, I've found it to be HORRIDLY unstable.

On my system I've ---purge autoremove'd it. A nice side effect was that 
my XFce menu looks a lot nicer without that wide entry at the top. :)

2) gnome-system-monitor

I know this app has some serious features that alternatives do not, but 
is consistently a source of problems and bugs, primarily in the area of 
super high CPU usage and memory leaks, ironic given the nature of the 

On my system I use a mixture of xfce4-taskmanager and htop, I'm not sure 
if this would be satisfactory on the majority of people's desktops but I 
  am of the opinion that GSM has to go.

3) Totem

Is the plan to stick with Totem for Lucid? It's kind of stagnant issue 
but it's also a difficult one to address with the next release being LTS.

4) GDM

This seems to be an issue entirely out of anyone's hands unless they 
want to try making one using xfce libs.

This is about all I can think of right now, but I do know I am missing a 
couple things which I will bring up at another time. I feel this is a 
good start to a brainstorming. Also, nobody has any intentions of 
adopting Pulse Audio into the Xubuntu system, right? ;)

- J

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