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On Sun, 2009-08-16 at 15:25 +0200, Steve Dodier wrote:
> Hello folks,
> Feature freeze is going to occur in 11 days from now, which leaves
> little time to take decisions about the applications and features we
> want in Xubuntu Karmic. Several specs have been written, about default
> applications, but unfortunately two of them have not been followed by
> any action/decision so far (image viewer / mail client).
> I don't think it would be easy to organise a team meeting with the
> presence of the 3 core developers, so maybe we can discuss these specs
> in this thread, so that Cody, Lionel and Michael can decide whether we
> should change these applications or not before Feature Freeze, and
> update the xubuntu-desktop seed accordingly.
>         Default Image Viewer
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Specifications/Karmic/DefaultImageViewer
> As we know, Stephan (developer of Ristretto) is re-designing
> Ristretto's features prior to writing it's next release, so we can
> consider the current upstream release as the final one for Karmic
> (unless we spot critical bugs / unwanted behaviour and take upon
> ourselves to write a patch for it). Maybe Stephan can tell us more
> about what is expected for Ristretto in the following weeks. Ristretto
> is slightly heavier than Gpicvieww, but it does have more features,
> and if we change, we can also bring a bigger userbase to Ristretto,
> thus helping finding (and fixing) bugs. On a purely distro point of
> view, this would allow us to provide our users with a more stable and
> feature rich image viewer for our next LTS.
>         Default Mail Client
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Specifications/Karmic/DefaultImageViewer

Is this the right link to go with the subject title?

> I'm not using mail clients at all, so I don't have an opinion about
> this, but it would be good to make a choice about the mail client. All
> I can say is that I don't think we will be able to do anything else
> than providing these applications "as-is" for this release. I'm not
> even confident about possible libindicate support, since the upstream
> libindicate developers still didn't separate libindicate from
> indicator-applet (which depends on GNOME). This also means we probably
> won't be able to get indicator-applet-xfce in Karmic. The next release
> being an LTS, I think Karmic could be a release of choice for
> introducing such changes and for getting user feedback, though.
>         Default Power Manager
> There is no spec for this one so far, but are we able to tell what we
> want to do on Xfce4-power-manager in order to use it for Karmic ?
> Cody's been working on RAM usage, what else is lacking ? I'll try to
> find time for improving battery notifications to something such as lp
> #399492. We're also lacking PolicyKit support, as far as I understand.
> I don't think this is a realistic goal for Karmic, but is someone
> willing to work on it for Karmic+1 ?
>         GDM, gnome-screensaver
> What are we doing about these ? I don't believe we want to depend on
> gnome-session, but it is really time to decide about what to use as a
> replacement for these two applications (and whether we can use
> something unsecure / ugly and fix the security flaws / GUI).
>         NotifyOsd
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Specifications/Karmic/NotifyOsd
> This is mostly done; I have working code for xfconf support, and for
> text size / bubble colour customization. It will only be lacking a
> GUI, because I just don't have the time for it, but I believe this
> should be feasible in Karmic+1. By the meanwhile, I will take the time
> to write a wiki page about how to customize NotifyOsd's appearence,
> and commands to turn the white on black to some tooltip-like look and
> feel. I am very sorry, Charlie, for not being able to write a GUI for
> it right now. I didn't expect to not code at all for two weeks because
> of personal life agitation.
> I may have forgotten stuff about what needs to be addressed for
> feature freeze, feel free to add it to the conversation.
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