Gnome-Colors Brave in 9.04

Daniel Fore daniel.p.fore at
Wed Apr 29 20:44:20 UTC 2009

Hey Team,

It's come to my attention that Gnome-Colors Brave has become the default
icon set for Xubuntu 9.04. The way I found out was that someone sent me a
message congratulating me on the fact that the new Xubuntu set featured
mostly elementary icons. That's right. elementary. Not Gnome-colors.

So, I went to do some research because a couple other distos have asked
permission to use elementary icons and I figured it'd be good press to say
that Xubuntu used elementary icons as well. But, when I went to look, I saw
this other theme that looked a lot like an old version of elementary icons,
but recolored and with a couple tango icons here and there.

What I'm getting at here is, why not use the real elementary icons instead
of this imitation?

The real elementary icons are more open. Almost all of the icons are in SVG
format, meaning they are more open to criticism, changes, restyling, and
every other trait we've come to love from open sourced code.

The real elementary icons are smaller. Gnome-colors weighs in at a whopping
30MB where as elementary weighs in at 2.3MB. I think elementary follows the
Xubuntu philosophy better here.

The real elementary icons are pre-packaged. Every three months I personally
create a new DEB package for elementary icons. This would save you the time
of downloading the entire Gnome-Colors set, picking out the icons you want,
and then repackaging.

The real elementary icons use a single license. Every elementary icon is
GPL. You don't have to worry about the multiple license issue that
Gnome-colors has.

The real elementary icons are under constant revision and optimization. The
latest revision of elementary icons is 10x smaller than it was last year and
renders up to 400x faster while I've increased the actual content of the set
4x and the level of detail is unrivaled by any other purely vector icon set
out there.

In short, don't settle for a rip-off recolor icon set. Get the real thing
from the original artist. It'll be worth it.

Best Regards,

Daniel Foré
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