A handy UTC clock

Charlie Kravetz cjk at teamcharliesangels.com
Wed Apr 15 02:05:53 UTC 2009

I just want to say I finally found a way to tell what time meetings
are. If you right-click the panel, and click "Add new items...", there
is an application called Orage Clock. This is one of the neatest little
applications we have. 

Add it to the panel. You can set up to three lines, so I set mine up
for time on top, Time Zone in the middle, date on the bottom. You can
also change the forground and background color. I make one pale yellow,
for my local time zone. This then replaces the panel clock.

I add a second one, for UTC time, and make it lite pink! Now I know
exactly what time it is, including the date for both time zones. No
more late to meetings, since I know exactly what time it is, UTC.

Just wanted to throw that out there. Make life easy on myself with this

Charlie Kravetz 
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