Proposition for a xubuntu support page

Alexander Blomen info at
Wed Apr 8 18:22:47 UTC 2009


This morning there was some talk about how to get (new) xubuntu users to 
join #xubuntu on irc if they need help instead of #ubuntu which is 
default for most/all irc clients.

The proposition:
Instead of using default-settings packages and the likes to change the 
default channel to connect to when an irc client is first run, create a 
one-stop-shop support page on the xubuntu website which is linked to 
from a launcher in the xfce menu.

This page would have a web-based irc client (like mibbit) embedded and 
links to the different sources of documentation and places to post your 

I have made a demo of how I imagine a page like this would work:

NOTE: I have only successfully tested the demo in firefox

In the top box there is a short text about the different places where 
you can get help, you can collapse this box to have more room for the 
frames that hold the different websites and the chat client.

Under the top box is a bar where you can switch between the different 
websites that offer the help, a button to collapse/expand the top box 
and a search bar where you can directly search the different websites.

On the right side there is also an expandable box which holds the irc 
client. This could be mibbit which is set-up to automatically log in to 
#xubuntu on freenode after you enter your desired username. This box 
would not be reloaded when switching between the different tabs and 
searching the different sites.

It should be possible to stay inside the page while browsing the 
different support websites and clicking on links supplied by people over 
irc so people would stay in the same environment while searching for a 
solution for their problem.

This might make getting help easier for people that are just starting to 
use xubuntu by getting all the different sources of help in one place.

Alexander Blomen

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