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Tue Apr 7 07:02:44 UTC 2009

Hello Folks,

 As many of you know, the Ubuntu Development Summit for Karmic Koala is
coming soon. This means that it is time to start discussing and defining the
specifications and features to be delivered for Xubuntu in Karmic. Folks are
welcome to submit specifications to the mailing list with a corresponding
page on the wiki for consideration and specifications that receive general
consensus and are feasible will be nominated by myself to be scheduled for
further discussion at UDS.

 For Karmic, I believe we should work with Xfce developers to examine the
login process and engineer a smoother, faster login to desktop experience.

 For Karmic, I believe we should examine the composition of Xubuntu and
identify packages that pull in undesired packages and bloat our cd image. I
believe we should take advantage of the last release before we begin another
LTS cycle with karmic+1 by re-examining the set of applications we ship on
the desktop and the impact they have on the overall Xubuntu desktop
experience. Xubuntu is more and more frequently being used on lower powered
netbook and mobile devices due to its smaller image size and perceived
performance benefits; lets continue to play on our strengths.

For Karmic, I believe we should continue to be the best looking flavour of
Ubuntu. We should update our usplash theme, tweak our icon theme, and
possibly use a new custom gtk theme.


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