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Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Thu Apr 2 13:26:08 UTC 2009

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know of a cool instance where microblogging helped to
improve Xubuntu.  While perusing my feed yesterday, I saw this
dent [0] from Jérôme Guelfucci, and made a comment about it in
#xubuntu-devel on IRC.  Cody Somerville encourged me to file a bug,
requesting that the software be updated to the new version as it fixes a
number of bugs.  I filed the bug on Launchpad [1], and Cody packaged the new
version.  Because this new version fixes a number of bugs, we will be able
to include it in Xubuntu 9.04.

If I hadn't been subscribed the the !xfce group on, I wouldn't
have seen the dent, and I probably wouldn't have known about the new
version.  Xubuntu 9.04 will be a little better because Jérôme let us know
about his software update, me seeing the update, and how we were able to
respond.  :)

I'm now subscribed to Jérôme's dents, so I'll get his updates on a regular
basis, and will file similar update-request bugs when I see similar dents in
the future.  :)

I do not expect all upstream developers to provide updates in this way, but
it does seem to be helpful.  And as this is a relatively new tool in
communicating such updates, I thought I would share one instance of how it
brought some benefit to our project.  :)



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