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Wed Sep 17 18:51:03 UTC 2008

On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 1:27 PM, Cody A.W. Somerville <
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>> I'll agree one hundred percent with Vincent's reply to this one.
>> All those skinnable players look funky and 'out-of-place' to me and
>> always have, especially when you have to view it at double size due to
>> having a high-resolution monitor (hmm... imagine a player that uses
>> svg skins...).
>> I do admit it's nice to have a separate media player. Totem's labeling
>> as a "Movie Player" always threw me off...
>> I don't know which one to suggest, honestly. I'll probably get used to
>> it.
>> Hell, I was happy with Xfmedia (despite xine lib bugs...), who am I to
>> complain? :P
> So, do you have a suggestion? :)
What about Quod Libet?  It's written in Python, it has tons of plugins
included, and when you change the default view, it looks very, very similar
to rhythmbox.

Note, I'm not making any claims as to lightness of the application (it uses
a gstreamer back end, I think), but someone could check that out if they
think it might make a good option.  I'm using it on Xubuntu Intrepid, and I
really like it - so it's just one person's opinion on things.  Exaile might
be a good option, too.


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