Xubuntu daily build report

Eddy hpp3 at lavabit.com
Tue Sep 16 00:24:09 UTC 2008

This is only a surface skim. I'll try to dig more once I have some 
time to really lay into it at home.

-Usplash still says "Ubuntu" instead of Xubuntu. Cody in IRC said this
was supposed to be fixed. Do we need artwork or does the config need 
-gpicview replaced Ristretto? What was wrong with Ristretto? (grr... 
more gnome creeping in...)
gpicview also has some security bugs which you guys probably already 
know about, but I wouldn't want to be too hasty: 
Is the version in *buntu the patched one? 
BTWIMHO the gpicview interface looks hauntingly like the default 
picture viewer for that other OS... (just sayin')
-The new wallpaper looks sweet. Great job [insert artist name here]!
-Audacious. Mixed feelings...
I guess I'm just not one for tiny skinnable media players. At least it
doesn't look like a Winamp clone out of the box, I'll look forward to 
giving this one a workout.

I'll also post my box specs and some benchmarks and if anybody's 
interested or if anyone has suggestions of bugs to look for, let me 

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