Xarchiver 0.5.0rc1 released

Giuseppe Torelli colossus73 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 09:38:03 UTC 2008


I just released the release candidate of 0.5.0. It follows the changelog:

Fixed mv error message when copy/extracting from tar-compressed archives.
Fixed extraction of lzma/bzip2 compressed files.
Fixed missed deletion of socket file in /tmp when using the switches
from cmd-line.
Fixed crashes with cut/copy/paste operations.
Fixed truncated name when opening bzip2 compressed files.
Translation updates for fr, ja, tr
Restored recurse option with zip archives.
Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
Update Finnish translations.
Have the progress bar when using the switches from cmd-line to move nicely.
Fixed crash when pressing the stop button after using the Multi-Extract dialog.
Fixed crash when opening arj archives with hardlinks.
Fixed missed error handling when using the switches from cmd-line.
Translation updates and additions for many packages in es, fr, id, ja,
nb_NO and tr
Made the status indicator to flash nice when operating on
tar-compressed archives.
Made Xarchiver to display a nice progress window when using the
switches from cmd-line.
Made the "Open with" and "View" popupmenu options not to freeze the
GUI when an entry is protected.
The current archive locations is now displayed when
deleting/adding/renaming an entry in the archive.
Fixed missed archive reload when using cut popupmenu option.
Override DEL key when renaming an entry to avoid delete dialog to appear.
Code cleanup in xa_page_has_changed() in interface.c:588
Fixed crash when renaming entries in the archive.
Fixed gtk_widget_set_sensitive console messages when using switches
from cmd-line.
Fixed bug #4475.
Made the sidepane to select the corresponding row when using the arrow buttons.
Fixed compiler warnings.
Fixed sensitivenes of menu and buttons when operating on the archive.
Removed switch code for opening or reloading the archive.
Fixed sensitiveness of "Open with" and "View" popupmenu option when a
dir is selected.
Fixed issues when using "Open with" with only one file selected.
Fixed unneeded call to xa_watch_child() when using the cmd-line switches.
Fixed compiler warnings.
Removed the message dialog when converting rar archives to sfx executables.
Fixed gui display problem and the crash when adding or deleting from
Made the "Open With" dialog more user-friendly.
Applied patch from Enrico Troger for storing a 64 bit pointer into a string.
Fixed missed extraction of tar-compressed archives with the
Multi-Extract dialog.
Fixed filename with dot in the main window when opening lzma compressed files.
Fixed missed extraction of lzma compressed files.
Czech translation updated.
Added danish translation.
Workaround for extracting with tar under FreeBSD, many thanks to
Andreev Maxim for testing.
Fixed missed deletion of subdirectories when deleting a directory in
the archive.
Fixed inability to view files whose filename contains spaces when
double clicking on them.
Fixed extraction of only first file with tar when extracting without the path.
Fixed compiler warnings about unused variables, thanks to Enrico
Troeger for notyfing them.
Made the stop button to stop extraction from Multi-Extract Dialog too.
Removed unuseless redundant call to
xa_update_window_with_archive_entries() in window.c

Download link:

Xarchiver, a Linux GTK+2 only archive manager - http://xarchiver.xfce.org

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