Xarchiver 0.5.0beta2 released

Giuseppe Torelli colossus73 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 08:48:43 UTC 2008


I released a second beta, this is the changelog:

Fixed inability to open files from the archive when they are inside
Paste option in context menu is disabled when right clicking in the
same archive.
Fixed gui freeze when pasting files from encrypted archives.
Fixed extraction and view of a bzip2 compressed file.
Removed functions xa_archive_operation_finished() and
Fixed missed extraction with gzip and bzip2 compressed files.
Made the open-with-dialog to use the custom command.
Reverted extract dialog to the one used in the release 0.4.6.
Added a sexy-icon in the entry widgets of the extract and multi-extract dialogs.
Fixed gui freeze with "Open with" dialog when reading desktop files
with wrong encoding.
Fixed seg fault with switch -d from cmd-line.
Fixed "file not found error" when deleting everything from arj archives.
Modified xa_recurse_local_directory() in string_utils.c to avoid bad
behaviour with arj archiver (what a mess...)
Fixed seg-fault when archive->working_dir is NULL in string_utils.c.
Fixed inability to view files from tar and tar compressed archives.
Fixed behaviour with the up and left arrow buttons.
Get rid of some unused functions in archive.c.
Made the "Allow subdirs with drag and drop" option to work.
Avoid returning an allocated string in
xa_strip_current_working_dir_from_path() in string_utils.c.
Added a further option in the pref dialog in the Advanced option.
Fixed bug #4324 and bug #1721416 on sourceforge bug tracking page.
Get rid of useless code in tar.c
Fixed extraction in tar.c.

The link to download the sources:

Xarchiver, a Linux GTK+2 only archive manager - http://xarchiver.xfce.org

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