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Charlie Kravetz cjk at teamcharliesangels.com
Sun Oct 5 18:49:27 UTC 2008

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Downloaded and tested intrepid-desktop-i386.iso dated 2008-10-05. Looks
good, but I have to change Applications -> Settings -> Settings
Manager -> Preferred Applications -> Web Browser from "Debian Sensible
Browser" to "Mozilla Firefox" to read the help file. Without this
change, I receive an error message "Failed to execute default Web
Browser", second line is "Input/output error." After making the change,
the help files are readable.

Tested many file types, only one that failed to open was a 146 page
pdf. It also would not open text files inside a .war file.

Script files with the proper shebang that end in other than executable
endings are executed, for example, "this_is_a_script_file.sh.example"
is run as an executable when clicked.

.glade files are opened in Firefox, but the alternate option is Mozilla

Abiword Help file fails to open, even after changing Preferred
Applications. The file is present in /usr/share/doc/Abiword_help .

This did install correctly on the PII, 400MHz system with 256MB ram. 

Clicking on "release notes" during the installation results in no
reponse. Tried to read release notes on my normal system,
has no notes for 8.10. Change version to 8.04 and the notes for xubuntu
do not exist either.


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