Xarchiver 0.5.0 stable released

Giuseppe Torelli colossus73 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 08:34:35 UTC 2008


this is to inform you I released the stable release of Xarchiver.
Any bugs/comment is highly appreciated, thank you.

Changes from rc1:
Greek translation update for xarchiver
Fixed mv boring error when the same files are extracted pathless.
Fixed inability to extract to a path containing spaces.
Fixed GUI issues and seg-fault with the progress bar window.
Updated ukranian translation.
Fixed "file not found error" when extracting an archive which path is
not absolute.
Translation updates and additions - de es ku tr
Fixed bug #4546.
Fixed bug #4535.
Update Finnish translations.
Updated documentation.
Updated swedish translation.
Updated documentation.
Updated en_GB translation.
Fixed problem when adding files with copy and paste in archive directories.
Fixed crash when deleting a child directory and then going back with
the navigations arrows.
Removed an unused variable in deb.c.
Translations updates for ja and nb_NO
Updated documentation for reflecting the changes in the 0.5 release.
Fixed Multi-Extract dialog to accept file which are not archives.
Fixed uncorrect archive tree display in the sidebar when cut & paste.
Fixed tar extraction problem when the file is in the archive root directory.
Fixed seg-fault in bzip2.c when opening archives without path.
Restored single extraction from RPM packages.
Translations updates and additions HUGE
Xarchiver Basque translation update
Updated hungarian translation
Fixed bug in deb.c causing wrong filename when the number of the day
of data.tar.gz is less than 10.
Fixed bug in deb.c and lha.c causing incorrect uncompressed size.
Fixed regression when adding files to the archive.
Restored "File not found" message when opening a not existing files.
Changed strtoll to g_ascii_strtoull for avoiding crashes on 64 bit
platforms. Thanks to Bernhard Fröhlich for pointing it out.
Fixed bug causing the directory only to remain inside zip archives
when deleting a directory.
Fixed another tar error when using FreeBSD, thanks to Bernhard
Fröhlich for testing Xarchiver with FreeBSD.
Fixed inability to extract files from tar-compressed archives without path.
Fixed inability to extract files in the directory when selecting or dragging it.
Fixed tar error when opening files from tar-compressed archives under FreeBSD.
Fixed issues when deleting the temp dir whith the cmd-line switches.
Fixed inability to extract directories in the archive with drag and drop.
Symbolic links stored in lha archives are now displayed correctly.
Fixed inability to add files in archive directory through the sidepane
with drag and drop.
Fixed crash when dropping for the second time an icon in the sidepane
and the row expands.

Download link:

Xarchiver, a Linux GTK+2 only archive manager - http://xarchiver.xfce.org

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