Inclusion of epiphany (wad: inclusion of firefox 3)

Gauvain Pocentek gauvainpocentek at
Wed Mar 5 13:15:02 UTC 2008

(resending, only sent to Adi Roiban by mistake)

Adi Roiban-2 wrote:
> În data de Ma, 04-03-2008 la 13:56 -0500, vidd a scris:
>> > Hava you tried installing Epiphany or Firefox 2 and install Java?
>> no, Epiphany requires too much gnome for my meager machines, and I didnt 
>> get around to monkeying with firefox-2 (I had done so much mettling on 
>> the system, that I formated to a pristeen condition, and found the 
>> firefox3 cure)
>> >
>> >     Thanks
>> >
>> >     vidd
> Vidd you should try Epiphany! I'm using Epiphany just because Firefox
> (at least on Linux) for normal users sucks!
> I don't know why are you so upset on GNOME, but rejecting everything
> from the start just because is "GNOME" is not good for Xubuntu.
> There are many good and fast Gnome applications.
> Firefox uses xul and I don't know any other application using it.
> Epiphany is a GTK application.

Which depends on xulrunner-1.9...
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