Readers are commenting on ubuntu's intrepid look and feel

jmak jozmak at
Mon Jun 30 04:57:28 UTC 2008

The look and feel of Ubuntu Intrepid invoked very strong opinions
among (
readership. Here are some of them.

"What a hideous theme, what really, really worries me is that they
even remotely considered something like this let alone made it

Whoever designed it should be shot."


"I have to agree."


"While I hope nobody will be *shot*, I have to agree that this theme is poor.
It's unappealing to look at, looks worse when apps are running in it
(OpenOffice is hideous) and its colour scheme is particularly ugly."


WTF ..Is this for real ??


"The theme literally looks like ***** was smeared all over the
monitor. Not that I could do any better, but this theme gives me a
feeling less like "human" and more like "sewer"."


"Ugg...I thought the color scheme was supposed to include BLACK. Not
ugly mud-crap-brown..."

"The theme is not what I was expecting... I was hoping for something a
little less... dark brown, like the color of my *****."

"Video Conferencing with Nelson Mandela on Ubuntu?"


Up until sunday night, not a single positve comment. Amazing.


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