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Sun Jun 15 18:00:42 UTC 2008

On 6/15/08, Jim Campbell <jwcampbell at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Cody and I have chatted a bit about possibly using yelp in Xubuntu for
> Xubuntu documentation.  As a documentor, I have to be in favor of this at
> this point.  Ubuntu documentation gets more and more contributors every day,
> and they're doing some pretty neat things for Ubuntu documentation,
> including separate sections for trouble-shooting for common problems.  Plus,
> with so many contributors, they're able to easily keep up with the ongoing
> changes in how Ubuntu works.
> As it stands now, keeping up with the changes in Ubuntu documentation in
> Xubuntu would be difficult because of how our documentation files are
> structured differently.  Basically, because Xubuntu has used Firefox, we've
> had to make our documentation one large meta-document, this is technically
> not correct from a docbook standpoint, and having a different structure
> makes adapting changes from Ubuntu documentation more time-consuming than it
> should be.  It took a lot of time to adapt the Ubuntu documentation from
> Gutsy for Hardy, and I don't think it would be a good idea to try to do the
> same thing from one release to another, only to have our docs outdated every
> time we go to update them.
> Adapting from the current ubuntu docs would allow us to focus on providing
> better documentation of xfce-specific modules, and then bring in all of the
> shared *buntu documentation when it was fleshed-out for the current
> release.  Keeping up on any doc bug fixes from Ubuntu would be easy.
> According to Cody, yelp doesn't use the heavier gnome-libs anymore, and as
> far as I know, any additional libraries that yelp uses would just be loaded
> at runtime.   We could use some profiling-foo to see the full impact of
> yelp, though.
> As an additional note, the xubuntu-doc-browser from the Gutsy cycle was
> only being developed to present html files, and wouldn't really fix the
> issue here.  Yelp uses xml files with yelp-specific "ghelp" links within the
> documentation, and the doc-browser was being developed to display html
> pages.
> Anyway, let me know what you think.  Thanks,

If it makes your life easier, then go for it :)


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