Artwork proposals for xubuntu 8.10

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On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 1:46 PM, Vincent <imnotb at> wrote:

>> >>
>> >> 4) New Usplash and throbber. The current one (the throbber) is nothing
>> >> less than atrocious (borrowed from Ubuntu), it made the Usplash look
>> >> like an ugly patchwork; this needs to be tackled. Lets keep in mind
>> >> that the Usplash is not there only to inform or entertain, but also to
>> >> function as a branding image; this is what the user sees at each boot
>> >> up-- it supposed to burn the brand image in the mind of the user.
>> >
>> > I absolutely agree and would welcome almost any change on especially the
>> > throbber.
>> I've already created a new throbber but for some reason it didn't make
>> it into Hardy
> Did you poke, say, Cody?

Yes. It is my fault it didn't make it into hardy. There wasn't enough time
to test it properly due to the troubles we had with the gdm.

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