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Jelle de Jong jelledejong at
Thu Jul 24 08:05:08 UTC 2008

Cody A.W. Somerville wrote:
> Few problems:
> 1. So the Xubuntu livefs is failing to build because gnumerics (now that 
> we dropped the -gtk variant) is pulling in evince via a recommend. 
> However, we seed evince-gtk which causes a conflict.
> 2. We're pulling in gnome-panels, gnome-session, gnome-control-center, 
> etc. etc. through totem-gstreamer which recommends gnome-control-center.

Hi Cody,

I noticed these problems before, I am willing to make some time free to 
make bug reports against these packages upstream by debian sid. But we 
first need some good plan and background information to convince these 
packagers to use less non essential dependency.

Maybe it has also something to do with with apt-recommends that are by 
default on. Maybe we should disable the install recommends by default?

If there is a good platform to fallback on for convincing package 
maintainers to exclude non essential dependency's, then I will be able 
to help out with creation of new bug reports.

BTW: I am ignoring Jmaks mails about artwork to prevent a big "Bikeshed 
Effect" or a "Holy War". I believe the artwork should be created with 
narrow cooperation with the gnome-artwork team, and artwork decisions 
for xubuntu should be made by the core commiters of that team. Not by a 
few persons here on the xubuntu-devel list.

Kind regards,


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