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Daniel Morales daniel at
Sun Jul 20 14:18:30 UTC 2008

Foxy escribió:
> Daniel Morales wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Reading this about fusesmb reminds me that  i been working in a thunar
>> plugin to share files using samba from a while.
>> It's like 'nautilus-share' but for Thunar and with a couple features
>> more than that thanks to the Thunar API ;)... just say that maybe can be
>> useful at this point for Xubuntu some day.
>> Currently the project is hosted at launchpad, but probably i will get a
>> XFCE Goodies account for it in a couple of days.
>> URL:
>> Also i'm working in a package for it but still needs some work. If any
>> MOTU around here interested in help me with that please contact me that
>> i've some questions :)
>> /danielm
> Interesting. Does it work at the moment. I have installed it but I 
> cannot see how to use it.

If you're using Hardy or Intrepid just install the .deb package, and
then open your folder properties and you'll see a new 'Share' tab.
Also, at the preferences menu of Thunar (Edit-> )you will see a new menu


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