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Daniel Morales daniel at
Sat Jul 19 14:01:06 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Reading this about fusesmb reminds me that  i been working in a thunar
plugin to share files using samba from a while.

It's like 'nautilus-share' but for Thunar and with a couple features
more than that thanks to the Thunar API ;)... just say that maybe can be
useful at this point for Xubuntu some day.

Currently the project is hosted at launchpad, but probably i will get a
XFCE Goodies account for it in a couple of days.

Also i'm working in a package for it but still needs some work. If any
MOTU around here interested in help me with that please contact me that
i've some questions :)


Chris Francy escribió:
> On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 8:59 AM, Vincent <mailinglists at> wrote:
>> For those who don't know, a quick overview can be read at [1], the meetin log can be read at [2].
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [16:11] <cody-somerville> Who has tried that fusesmb hack?
>> [16:13] <cody-somerville> Might we could do is have fusesmb mount on login configured with their credentials, etc. etc.
>> [16:12] <cody-somerville> j1mc, although I couldn't write to share but I dunno if that was fusesmb or how the share's configuration
> I have used the fusesmb for network browsing.
> Installing by default worries me a bit.  With fusesmb you have to
> store the unencrypted smb passwords in a text file for it to work.
> On the system where I use fusesmb I have dm-crypt setup for all my
> filesystems.  So having my passwords unencrypted in the filesystem
> isn't as big of an issue since the entire partition is encrypted.   I
> don't think most people use whole-disk encryption though.  So it seems
> like users should be warned/reminded about the possibility that anyone
> with a livecd could steal there authentication credentials.

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