Free Xubuntu CD? would this be possible?

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> Subject: Free Xubuntu CD? would this be possible?
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> Hello, First posting here to the Xubuntu User Lists. I know that only
> Ubuntu and Kubuntu are the only distributions that can be ordered for free
> from there shipit program.
> I think something like Fedora's Free CD/DVD program has been around for
> awhile with members willing to burn and ship a free CD/DVD its Distro. They
> have much support from users around the globe. Would there be a way to do
> this with Xubuntu? Just check out the following link for more information
> about Fedora's Free CD/DVD program.
Would this be something that could be implemented in Drupal? Do we think the
users will be able to pull this one off? It'd be awesome if it would be
possible :)

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