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Mon Jul 14 20:22:21 UTC 2008

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On Mon, 14 Jul 2008 19:22:12 +0000
Vincent <mailinglists at vinnl.nl> wrote:

> Hey guys,
> I'm currently reading up on the meeting log. Unfortunately I couldn't
> attend, but when it comes to the website, I think I might be able to help a
> little bit.
> Regarding the following:
> [14:28] <technolalia> keeping news, links and release notes up to date
> needs to be done regularly
> >
> >
> I'm already doing this and will continue to do so :) (Well, except for the
> release notes, though I might also be able to do so if I do do a timely
> upgrade for 8.10)
> Regarding the theme:
> I'm fluent with CSS. My problem with Drupal is that I don't know its HTML
> (which is easy to overcome, i.e. easy to grasp). What's more important,
> though, is whether other stylesheets are loaded with Drupal. Do I need to
> work around those?
> My second problem is time. At the moment, I've got a very long holiday so,
> when I'm not gone, I should have a lot of time to work on it. However, this
> means the theme itself should be finished pretty soon so I can spend some
> holiday time working on it before I start my university classes. Would that
> be possible?
> I think that this time I can attend the website team meeting (Tuesday 18:00
> UTC right?), my IRC nickname is vinnl (used to be vinze).
> Cheers,
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> Vincent
My fault, Vincent, sorry for not making it clear. The first website
team meeting will be on July 22 at 1800 UTC. I added it to the meeting

It's great to have someone that knows CSS. That will be a big help, I'm

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