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On 31/01/2008, Ghostvirus <theghostvirus at> wrote:
> I rarely post to this list, but since the issue of Xubuntu's
> responsiveness (or current lack thereof) has been called into question
> again, I'd like to chime in.
I'd like to echo Kaspar's comments regarding Xubuntu not being the fast and
> light distro some people would like to present it as. I can understand not
> wanting Xubuntu to be known as "Ubuntu for old computers" but isn't the
> point of using Xfce and light, modular applications (instead of GNOME and
> its related apps) to make a quicker, lighter desktop?
> I'm still using Xubuntu currently, but far too many people have commented
> that Xubuntu is becoming little more than Ubuntu with Thunar, Xfwm and
> Xfce-panel installed over it.
> Canonical has little interest in Xubuntu. Why are the Xubuntu devs trying
> to make Xubuntu fit in with Canonical's goal of an easy-to-use desktop (at
> the expense of responsiveness)? Certainly ease of use is a worthy goal, but
> Ubuntu is hardly a speed demon. Shouldn't that be why an Xfce-based Ubuntu
> derivative exists? Xfce balances ease of use with responsiveness rather
> well. It seems to me that Xfce strives to be a user-friendly desktop, but
> not at the expense of responsiveness.
> Over time, Xubuntu has included more and more of GNOME with each release,
> and it seems like the trend will continue. Shouldn't the aim be to reduce
> and refine, rather? Zenwalk has done this rather well over its past few
> releases. It's a great Xfce-based distro. I think a lot of Xubuntu users
> would like Xubuntu to be something of an Ubuntu-based Zenwalk, for lack of
> better terms.
> I'm not trying to start a Zenwalk vs. Xubuntu war. Zenwalk is a good
> distro, but Xubuntu could blow Zenwalk out of the water with its Ubuntu
> base, if it had similar aims as Zenwalk. Ease of use, but not at the expense
> of a quick and light desktop.
> Just my $0.02 as a user.

While I understand that one of Xubuntu's goals is certainly to be lighter
than Ubuntu, I don't think we should strive for zero loss on performance.
Xubuntu's first official release was almost two years ago, and computers
that were old then have become yet older. Of course we should strive for
optimal performance, but as time moves on I think it's also wise to give in
- a little bit of performance loss for a great increase in ease-of-use IMHO
is warranted.

Furthermore, I think Jani has brought forward a few serious issues resulting
in not using gnome-mount and gnome-screensaver that I've experienced myself
and even had some trouble working around with. All humbleness thrown aside,
I honestly think that if I'm having trouble with it, the average computer
user will too. gnome-mount indeed solved some permissions problems I used to
have, and user-switching was much easier with the addition of


My $0.0297212 (supposedly two Eurocents :) as a passionate Xubuntu user.

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