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Vincent imnotb at
Thu Jan 31 16:08:38 UTC 2008

On 31/01/2008, Jérôme Guelfucci <jerome.guelfucci at> wrote:
> This has been discussed between the active members of the Xubuntu
> Team. Answers to your various questions:
> - we don't have special patches for this, patches have already been
> pushed upstream and we are just using different build options.
> - if we find the time to maintain it, why should you all care ?
> - it makes the desktop lighter, and we don't miss any key feature

You mean no applications have been removed? That'd be great :)

And finally, I don't see why this is a problem, if you really care
> about this, come and contribute more :)

I'd love to if I could ;-)

> Jérôme

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