Universe move backlash

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 29 14:11:00 UTC 2008

On Mo, 2008-01-21 at 01:45 -0400, Cody A.W. Somerville wrote:
> For example:
> http://digg.com/linux_unix/Xubuntu_is_no_longer_supported_by_Canonical

I followed up on
http://www.labo-linux.org/news/distributions/xubuntu-nest-plus-supportee-par-canonical#1201615045 and hope that the author will revamp his post after reading my comment.

These were the words I used: "Xubuntu was never supported by Canonical.
The only reason for XFCE-related packages to be in main was that up
until recently the CD build process did not allow packages that were not
in main/restricted.

Moving XFCE-related packages back to universe even has the advantage
that MOTU members can work on them and not only members of
ubuntu-core-dev. This should speed up development. Nothing else will

Please adjust the article accordingly to reflect the facts."

Once I recover my digg password I'll add the information. If you
encounter any other news posts, please try to follow up there with a
similar message. There's really no reason to be confused about the
change that was made.

Have a nice day,

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