Xubuntu CDs can now build using universe/multiverse

vidd vidd at crosslink.net
Tue Jan 29 17:45:12 UTC 2008

How will this affect installing Xubuntu from the net-installer image? Or 
will it?


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>> ... Xubuntu CDs will now be built such as to include packages from
>> universe and multiverse, as of the next CD build (probably tomorrow).
>> Note that this means that if there were packages in the seeds which were
>> not in main or restricted due to lack of a main inclusion report, they
>> will now show up on the CDs; you may want to review the CD contents to
>> ensure that the results are what you want.
> Is there anything from multiverse that is actually planned to go onto
> the Xubuntu CDs? Or is the functionality just provided to allow certain
> dependencies for packages in universe, if another distribution would
> want to do that?
> -Jonathan
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